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Gay Madeira.

As a Gay destination Madeira certainly isnt one... If your looking for Gay nightlife clubs, bars and nudist beaches then you will need to look at other places to holiday. BUT if you are looking for a relaxing holiday, with lovely scenery, beautiful walks, and a place to just rest, relax and get away from the gay scene then Madeira is perfect for you.

  Although the gay and lesbian community seems to be muted or not apparent in Madeira there is quite a sizeable part of the population that enjoys this lifestyle. It seems that being gay in Madeira is actually quite acceptable, as long as you don’t brazenly flaunt yourself in front of the church elders at mass. Many individuals enjoy a healthy relationship with like minded persons and a bit like any other Mediterranean community there is quite a bit of liberal pursuit to satisfy the lifestyle.

  Madeira is slowly getting better, there are many Gay Friendly bars and coffee shops on the island, as well as small clubs if you want to dance the night away, but dont expect to much.

  I have lived here now since 2005 and really enjoy the relaxed life here, and have many friends, and love the all year round weather its a real outdoor lifestyle on the island.

  Below I have listed some gay friendly places on the island, along with some links to other information. I can honestly say I have never had a problem on the island , and as I said the mentality is getting a little better towards homosexuality, just think of Madeira 20 years behind other places in Europe.

Cafe Teatro Contact me....

Mini Ecobar,very Gay friendly bar/club. Chill during the day and party at night. They serve snacks all day, and has a great outdoor space to relax. Everything the bar uses is recycled, and all appliances are classA . Furniture is made from what others would call trash...

Rua da Alfândega nº3, 9000-059 Funchal.

Cafe Teatro. The Theatre Cafe bar is one of the best places to enjoy a drink and a snack and People Watch, Very popular day and night, and at the weekends its open till late with good club music and Djs and special events.

Edificio Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, 9000-070 Funchal

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See some of Madeira with me, off the tourist trail. 2-4 persons from 75.00 euros full day.