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Welcome to

Tobi in Madeira


Please send me a Tip if you think I have helped you in anyway. All tips go towards running costs.

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Friendly company, no one should ever feel alone.

Assistance with mobility.

Wheelchair or walking frame hire.

Support with washing or dressing.

Support with cleaning and cooking.

Escorting to the shops or supermarket.



If you are on holiday on your own and just want some company, a general chat, or just to learn more about the island at some point during your stay, I am here to help, and love meeting new people who enjoy Madeira. You never have to feel alone.

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Below you can find some of the services on offer.

Escorting to tourist attractions or tours.


Help with medical situations.

Escorting to clinic, hospital, eye or dental care.

Airport Transfers at a cheaper rate

Loyal,Friendly & reliable Taxi driver. Wheelchair Supportive.

Even learn basic computer skills or learn about the local food

and drink from the island.

A helping hand

in Madeira

Madeira is a beautiful Island, and you should have the best experience possible when visiting.

Whether you’re visiting on your own, or with friends, the elderly and/or disabled relatives, you can still enjoy and yet maintain your independence from your holiday on this stunning Island.


With a recent visit from my Grandmother whom is 85 years of age, I know how hard it can be to look after your loved ones however one is still able to enjoy and relax whilst on holidays.


With my personal experience of her recent trip, I can help offer all kinds of services with reliable trusting people to help you get the most from your trip to Madeira. So if you need help with care and support to help keep your independence, then I hope this page with my help will do this for you.


If you are looking for Wheelchair Hire please contact me as I have a simple one for hire at a much cheaper rate than anywhere else.

For all other hire equipment, like mobility scooters, walking frames and anything else you might need, just click this box and you will be taken to a site that many of my readers have recommended.