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Lesley 2013.2.13 09:00

Fab site Tobi !  Really informative and easy to use and wonderful photographs of this beautiful island.  Shall recommend to all who have an intrerest in Madeira.

More kind comments from my older site below, before I upgraded to make it Smartphone and Tablet friendly.


Please leave me a comment in the box below. I love to hear from you and if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer.

Katrina Pitches 2012.10.29 10:36

Great website Tobi. Colourful, user friendly and informative. Maybe an idea of what shops are in Funchal would be good. Lovely photographs.

Neal Limonte-Brett 2012.10.29 12:32

Extremely useful for our first trip to the island/s. Will surely make things a little easier.

Neal, Berlin, Germany

Jesmond 2012.12.22 09:55

Excellent and informative web site!  Thanks for all you help.

Dave 2013.2.10 22:22

A great guide to the wonders and beauty of Madeira and Funchal in particular. Keep up the good work Tobi.

Martin Mears 2012.2.14 16:46

Very well put together and informative site.

The Madeira Tourist Board should use this site and forget their efforts

Daniel Gomes 2012.7.18 15:19

thanks for showing my beautifull island to the world!!! i miss her a lot!!!



Roger         Brighton England 2012.10.9 07:37

First time i have seen this site.Well done Tobi .As a regular visitor to to the West of Madeira it is very informative and better than the tourist info one.

Marco Gonçalves 2012.2.14 13:17

This is a good website, with accurate information and really nice photos from Madeira Island.

Well done Tobi,

Cheers ;)

Der 2012.2.14 13:47

yep, great job Tobi. Very useful site.

Jon 2012.2.14 11:17

Great site Tobi - masses of information for everyone, young, old and middle aged!

Superb photos and many useful links = a huge help to anyone wishing to discover the real Madeira.....well done Matey.

Wendy 2012.2.5 11:19

Yes a very useful website - thank you for taking the time to put it together.  We came to Madeira last year and are planning our next visit(s).

Wendy - Shropshire UK

Till 2012.2.14 08:05

Hey Tobi,

thanks for helping us out to discover this beatiful island. We are always looking forward to come back.


Carmel & Till

Nikki 2012.1.31 20:27

Great web site - really easy to use, wonderful photos and very informative....... looking forward to visiting Maderia soon!

Pat Healy 2012.1.12 15:04

Great website have enjoyed the many photos.

From Pat  (London)

piet0101 2013.4.16 16:17

Hoi Tobi,

Your site is amazing good, nice the new album with photo's. I put ypur site again on the dutch madeira site.