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Having a car is one of the best ways to fully explore Madeira, guided tours can be expensive, and you only get to stop where they stop, so you miss out on many view points and photo chances. Having your own car not only works out cheaper, but gives you the freedom to explore the island at your pace and you can stop as often as you like to get those fantastic photos.

The roads in Madeira are great and very easy to drive on, once you are out of the city centre, the country roads are quiet and peaceful and you will see hardly any other traffic.


City Bubble cars (Pictured left) are another great way to see some of Madeira. The 2 seater electric cars are great fun. From 26.00 euros for the first hour (includes 10.00 euro a day insurance) to 60.00 euros for a full day.

Hiring these will probable be your best day of your holiday...


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City Bubble Cars. Click for website